Posted by Yakacha on 9:48 AM

I’m sure you had been around (months or years) surfing the net. Over time you have found your favorite blogs. These are the blogs you visited frequently if not daily. But have you asked yourself, what made these blogs your favorite? One prime reason is because they offer you fresh content, regularly and consistently. Offering fresh content regularly and consistently made you their regular reader and that made them too, successful.

What will you feel if one of your favorite blog made no new post for a day? Maybe, you say - it’s fine. What about a week or couple of weeks? If you are like me, I will drop the blog from my favorite list if no new post will be made for two weeks. But most people will drop it in one week time.

The same is true with your blog. If you made no post for a certain time, your readership will drop and that goes with your traffic. What is ironic in the online world is that, it is so easy to lose readership and traffic but it’s hard to build them.